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How to get a certificate in english – In order to teach English as a foreign language, there are certain qualifications needed. One method of getting these qualifications is by getting a TESOL or an TEFL certificate. These certificates will show that the person has the skills and experience necessary to teach others in this specific field. This article looks at how you can become a teacher of English as a foreign language and what you will need to do this.

When it comes to teaching English, there are different methods that people use. Some of the most common methods are using literal translation, focusing on grammar, using words that students can easily understand, encouraging them to speak in class, helping them learn cultural references related to what they are learning and getting them to practise important words and phrases.

The qualifications required in order to become a teacher in this area depend on a number of factors. There will be certain requirements if the course is being done for work purposes, such as teaching in a school or university setting. It is also possible to do it privately so that the teacher can teach small groups of people or even individuals.

tesol certification tesda -The first thing that will be required is a good qualification in the English language itself. This will generally be either GCSE, A-level or degree level. For someone who already has this qualification, it may well have been taught by means of a translation method. However, for this type of teaching it will be necessary to get a qualification in how to teach English as a foreign language.

This can be done by gaining a TESOL or TEFL certificate. These stand for Teaching English as a Second Language and Teaching English as a Foreign Language respectively. They are used in many different countries but are particularly widespread in China. This will be an online course that takes 4 to 6 weeks to complete. It is not too difficult and should be well within the scope of anyone who already has a good knowledge of their subject. There is also the opportunity at the end of this to gain further qualifications by doing courses related to English pronunciation, teaching young learners or using the online platform to become a virtual assistant.

TESDA Offers The following english courses are available to do at TESDA:


English Skills Modular Course

English for Post-Secondary Education


TEFL – 100 Hour Course

TEFL – 200 Hour Course

TEFL – 300 Hour Course

TEAL – 160 Hours Modular Course

International TEFL – 160 Hours Modular Course

There are several other courses available as well. They can be found on the TESDA website which is at www.tesda.gov.ph

For people who have already gained qualifications in English, but would like to use them to teach abroad, there are also courses available for this purpose.

English as Second Language -Advance (Level 3)

English as Second Language -Intermediate (Level 2)

English as Second Language- Beginner (Level 1)

English as a Foreign Language 1 – Beginning Communication in English

English as a Foreign Language 2 – Low Intermediate Course

English as a Foreign Language 3 – High Intermediate Course

English as a Foreign Language 4 – Advanced Course

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