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Stem Strand Courses Philippines

​Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics; The STEM strand deals with the concepts in these fields and develops students to one day investigate and create practical solutions to real-world phenomena and as such there is a multitude of courses that one can specialize and work in to fill various needs and demands in our society. And these courses are:


•​Medical Sciences


•​Computer Science


•​Pure Sciences




The most well-known course when one thinks of STEM is the engineering course, having to apply and use various scientific concepts in the real world, they are involved in a wide range of tasks such as designing, developing, testing, modifying, and maintaining products from the largest ships or planes or to the smallest gears. The engineering field contains types such as Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering to name a few. A lot of industries require these engineers to properly function since without them there would be no people to run or maintain the machines required to keep it afloat, it can be said that today engineers are the backbone of our society, and we can no longer function properly without their expertise


Medical Sciences

​Another course that, in today’s world, is extremely important and that is Medical Sciences. This pandemic has shown to us again that we need to take our health more seriously. Furthermore, it has not only shown to us the importance of health but also the inadequacy of our current capacity to administer support to the whole population, in essence, we require more people to pursue Medical Sciences as their future careers. Some courses that come in this field are Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, and Pathology; With this, there will always be something that will pique your interest about the inner workings of life. Furthermore, you also get to save those lives from the mildest of fevers to unimaginable pain and suffering, or maybe even death.



​Even though some may mainly see architecture as a form of art and aesthetics, it is still required to fulfill practical requirements as to ensure that the design is able to not only be realized in the real world but also to be utilitarian in nature. This requires the study of various mathematical and scientific principles to ensure that every part of the structure is not only stable and efficient but also pleasing to look at. This course is one that is very visual and is seen a lot in our society, I can be seen in the house that we live in, the place that we work in, the building that we shop in, and in the areas that we like to stroll around. If you want a STEM course that not only dabbles in realism but also gives you the chance to fully express yourself then architecture is the course for you.


Computer Science

​The Digital Age has propelled the importance of appliances such as the computer to absolute importance and most are unable to live without these computers. Furthermore, with the pandemic, it has made the computer so important that one is unable to work without it. Computer Science is the study of computers and computational systems. It deals with the software and the systems of these computers, which also include designing, development, and application. The fields in Computer Science cover a wide range extending from artificial intelligence, computer system and networks, security, database systems, human computer interaction, vision and graphics, numerical analysis, programming languages, software engineering, bioinformatics, and theory of computing. All of this makes sure that Computer Science requires a wide range of skills and abilities that needs to be filled by a lot of people which makes it one of the most stable and high paying options in choosing it as your own career.



​Mathematics teaches students various theories and abilities to help them demonstrate mastery of algebra, analysis, and geometry, and improve skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and generalization. Specializing in Mathematics enables one person to have mastery in a variety of fields which makes them well-adapted to various career paths be it in research or industry. Even though a lot of people have a deep-seated hatred for mathematics, if one is willing to learn and explore the field of Mathematics then they would find and appreciate its importance in the modern world.


Pure Sciences

​Pure Sciences involve fields such as Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. This deals with the study of natural phenomena so that we are able to understand and adequately explain them through theories, laws, and principles. They enable the world to have the appropriate tools and knowledge to find a solution to any problem. They are not bothered with applying the discoveries that they find and instead get to focus on the thrill of exploration, they are essentially front runners in our quest to quench our thirst for the unknown. If you want to become a scientist and discover and find new principles that may one day reshape humanity, the Pure Sciences is the course for you.



​Shaping the minds of the future is no small task, it requires creativity to captivate their minds, patience to ensure that they get everything that you teach, and social abilities so that you are able to properly articulate the lesson. If you want to be the stepping stone of our future generation then teaching, or specifically teaching sciences to students, is the course for you.


There are a lot of courses that one can take within the STEM strand, it provides a person with flexibility or time if they are unsure of what course to take in college or need more time to decide on what to choose. Even though STEM may seem cutthroat that is far from the truth, STEM is the strand of discovery and exploration, it gives us an opportunity to venture out into the unknown, to where people may not have been there before, and it gives us the tool to reach out and grab what we have previously thought was too far, and it lets us see what we previously are unable to see.

The STEM Strand Subjects – Grade 11

STEM deals with the various fields that not only involves itself in theories but also a practical real-world phenomenon, thus for students to attain the tools that they need to succeed in this strand they require a wide array of subjects that deal with a wide range of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Thus, the Department of Education of the Philippines provides a suggested academic track to schools so that they would be able to equip every STEM student with the necessary knowledge to further their learnings in their future course.

The subjects of the STEM in the 1st semester are:

• Oral Communication in Context

• Communication and Research in Language and Philippine Culture (“Komunikasyon at Pananaliksik sa Wika at Kulturang Pilipino”)

• General Mathematics

• Earth Science

• Introduction to the Philosophy of the Human Person

• Physical Education and Health

• Empowerment Technologies (ETech): ICT for Professional Tracks

• Pre-Calculus

The subjects of the STEM in the 2nd semester are:

• Reading and Writing Skills

• Reading and Evaluating Different Texts for Research

• Statistics and Probability

• Disaster Readiness and Risk Reduction

• Personal Development

• Practical Research 1

• Basic Calculus

• General Chemistry 1

Each of these subjects must complete the allotted 80 hours given to them in their given semesters with the 1st semester having 5.8 hours a day for studying in the school while the 2nd semester having 6.6 hours a day. However, as stated before, these subjects and time allotments are only suggestions or guides for schools since some may provide a different but ultimately alike subject.

Through the study of all of these subjects, a student will now be equipped with the necessary information, knowledge, and understanding for them to take the next step in their studies since all subjects are important and prerequisites to continue to the next grade and above. And if they not only continue or press on but persevere then they will be able to pass with flying colors and pride knowing that their hard work has paid off.

STEM Strand Jobs

A STEM job is any work or job within the areas of science, technology, engineering or math. With a foundation in these subjects, a STEM career permits you to unravel issues, create modern thoughts and conduct research.

Kind of STEM Jobs

Science Jobs – This includes environmental scientists, medical scientists, biochemists, anthropologists, psychologists, archeologists and anthropologists.

Technology Jobs – This includes computer systems, developers, computer network architects, software systems developers, analysts web, and computer programmers.

Engineering Jobs – This includes aerospace engineers, civil engineers and chemical engineers.

Math Jobs – These experts analyze data or information, make models, distinguish designs and give creative-data based arrangements.

STEM Jobs Sample

There are hundreds of career ways accessible in science, innovation/technology, engineering and math, but many cases include:

  • Biologist

  • Data scientist

  • Computer programmer

  • Mathematician

  • Financial analyst

  • Web developer

  • Database engineer

  • Technical writer

  • Environmental engineer

  • Physician assistant

  • Civil engineer

  • Mechanical engineer

  • Statistician

  • Accountant

  • Database administrator

  • Economist

  • Chemist

  • Actuary

  • Psychologist

  • Dentist

  • Systems analyst

How do I know if I chose the proper or right strand?

It’s vital to keep in mind that there’s no right or off-base strand or track. When it comes to choosing a strand, students ought to choose one that they are truly curious about or would like to seek after in the future, as the strand they select will give them the information and skills they’ll require in college or future employment.

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