this is taken from our training workplace at cup ..were trained as smaw welders in there, that was the basics of welding … this video would basically prove that any job a man could do, a woman can too….its not really a hazard in our health, the smoke, the heat which might cause burns, and the welding rod that falls, as long as your wearing adequate, safety protective wear…shoes, overall, mask and leather gloves…we’ve been taught by our professor, taking kala mansi juice with hot water every day was a very nice drink for the lungs coz we believe even we put on safety wear, we still could smell the smoke caused by the burning metal…im not that used to my training yet but hopefully when I graduated this coming June, I’m filled with skills and knowledge I’m aiming, furthermore, I could use both the certificate and my skills on the hands-on training for applying abroad…I’ve heard rumors welders were in demand abroad, so i encourage people who had never attended their college school like me, but with great passion to work in any field you want, but just don’t have the skills, try to enroll at tesda training school near you,tesda had scholarship programs in some barangays, and they issue a certificate which is just what we need when we apply for work…ok check more on me the following years…hehe….

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