The TESDA Womens Center: A Comprehensive Source of Life-Changing Resources for Women in the Philippines

Introduction to the TESDA Womens Center

The TESDA Women’s Center is a training center for women who are interested in learning about the various jobs that are available to them under the TESDA National Training Program. Women are trained on skills ranging from household services, nursing, teaching, child development, among many others. This center is not just for TESDA national training program applicants but anyone who wants to learn skills that will help her succeed in life.

The Women’s Center was established by Executive Order No. 519-A issued by President Corazon C. Aquino on July 31, 1987. This order created the National Commission of Filipino Women (NCFW), which served as its head office until it was abolished by Executive Order No. 34 issued by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

A Comprehensive Guide to the TESDA Women’s Center

The TESDA Women’s Center was established to promote gender equality, develop women leaders, and empower women in the workplace.

The center aims to help women from diverse backgrounds find opportunities for economic empowerment. It also offers job training programs which aim to equip them with skills that would allow them to compete in the changing workforce.

The center provides a one-stop shop for career development and job placement assistance, career counseling services, and other resources to help women get back on their feet.

TESDA Training Programs for Women Professionals

In order to ensure that the participation of women is not only equitable but also substantial, TESDA has been offering a variety of training programs to help women professionals in the following fields: trade and industry, agriculture, health and social care, education and skills development.

The professional development courses for women in trade and industry are designed to provide technical skills for jobs which are mostly occupied by men. These courses focus on providing skills in areas such as welding, carpentry, masonry, electrical installation, mechanics and automotive engineering. Women who take these courses learn how to use drafting tools like AutoCAD or use welding machines without getting burned.

Professional Development Courses for Women in Agriculture are designed for female professionals who want to venture into agricultural industries like farming or livestock raising. These courses teach people techniques

How You Can Take Advantage of the TESDA Womens Center

The TESDA Women’s Center is a government agency that offers training and development opportunities to Filipino women. They have centers all over the Philippines, so you can find the center nearest to you. They offer skills training for various vocations, which are usually paired up with job opportunities in the same field.

The courses are free of charge but they do require certification upon completion before you can start working in your new profession.

TESDA Women’s Center covers areas such as home economics, child care, food processing technology among others. For those who want to learn more about this program, visit their website

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