Organic Soap Making Workshop Philippines: join these profitable seminars now

The market for organic skin care products is booming, and it’s not just because people are becoming more environmentally conscious. The truth is that everyone wants to look good, feel good, and smell great. What better way to achieve this than attending an organic soap making workshop?

Organic Soap Making Workshop Philippines

Why Go Organic Soap?

There are a number of reasons why organic soap is better for your skin and the environment. Let’s explore some of them together:

Toxin-Free – Conventional soaps have been linked to an increased risk in cancers, including breast cancer. While it will be difficult to completely eliminate all toxins from your life, it’s a good idea to reduce as much exposure as possible. Organic soaps are certified by trusted organizations and contain no harmful chemicals.

Making your own organic soap at home also means you have complete control over the ingredients. You can use nourishing oils, butters, and essential oils for a skin-loving experience that smells amazing. Not only will this help reduce toxins in your life, it’s cheaper than store bought brands since there are no middlemen involved!

Environmentally Friendly – Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are not only bad for your health, but they’re also detrimental to the environment. The good news is that organic soaps don’t require these harmful chemicals during production or use. You can feel better about yourself knowing you’ve helped reduce environmental damage as well!

All Natural Ingredients – Many people prefer to use all natural ingredients in their skin care products. Organic soap making is a great way to ensure that you’re not putting anything artificial on your skin!

Who offers these soap making workshops?

Manila Soap Making, Cosmetic & Body Care Workshop Philippines

Manila Soap Making, Cosmetic & Body Care Workshop Philippines is the leading provider of soap making workshops in Manila. Vist thier site here

Craft MNL offers cold soap making workshops for beginners. The hands-on workshop teaches you how to make your own soap from the comfort of home using local, natural ingredients!

For more information about their upcoming events and schedules, feel free to visit Craft MNL’s official website:

Negoskwela has a lot of courses for people who want to turn their crafts into hobbies. I wish they were located somewhere easier to get to. People who are crafty and have a job might have a hard time getting here, so it would be great if they were closer.

They are located in CMLI Building North Ave Cor Agham Rd Diliman Quezon City and their soap-making course is 3000 pesos I like that they want people to be entrepreneurs.

Where to buy raw materials for soap making in the Philippines?

Islas Aromatics offers a wide variety of raw materials for soap making. They have essential oils from the best sources, and they also carry extracts that are great for your skin- think shea butter, cocoa butter & lanolin to name a few! If you’re just starting out with organic soaps or would like some inspiration on what scents to choose then you should check out the Islas Aromatics website.

Quezon City, Metro Manila · (02) 8375 1490

Sogomi Corporation – sells organic essential oils and soap making ingredientQuezon City, Metro Manila · (02) 8441 4048

Soapwerke Inc – offers raw materials and essential oils for soap making Quezon City, Metro Manila · (02) 455 0115

Green Building Supplies – sells organic soaps and other skin care supplies- offers classes on how to make your own! Makati City, Metro Manila · (02) 8523 0821

Pure & Essential Oils Philippines – sells organic essential oils, soap making ingredients- offers classes on how to make your own! Makati City, Metro Manila · (02) 850 4988

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