COSH Training, or Construction Safety and Health Training, is a course required for safety officers working in the construction industry. It is one of the courses listed as mandatory by the Occupational Safety and Health Standards and DOLE Department Order 13. This law stipulates that all construction companies must employ a sufficient number of trained safety officers, this number being dependent on the number of workers for every shift and the hazardous or non-hazardous nature of the workplace.


This COSH Training requirement is reinforced by the Memorandum of Agreement – Joint Administrative Order on Construction Safety signed by the DOLE, Professional Regulation Commission, and the Departments of Public Works and Highways, Interior and Local Government, and Trade and Industry (Construction Manpower Development Foundation, Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board) in 2011.


The COSH Training course is 40 hours long and is offered by a number of privately-owned companies, as well as government offices. Should you wish to be COSH certified, make sure that the training you are considering is DOLE-approved.


Although regular COSH Training schedules are offered by accredited businesses, DOLE also has on occasion offered the course for free. In 2018, DOLE-Occupational Safety and Health Center Regional Extension Unit (OSHC REU) VI conducted COSH Training for the benefit of displaced OFWs. The five-day course aimed to give the workers basic knowledge and skills in Occupational Safety and Health and to promote it in their localities and provide career opportunities as safety officers.


Training includes subjects on OSH programming, policies and guidelines and its implementation and reinforcement; importance of safety and health, safety in construction site premises, excavation, and demolition; roles of safety officers, toolbox meetings, job hazard analysis, accident investigation and OSH legislation; Employees Compensation Program; and Emergency Preparedness.


COSH certified safety officers are currently in demand in the industry, with larger companies usually requiring applicants with two or more years of experience. Smaller companies however, as well as start-ups, will hire fresh certificate holders. The job of construction industry safety officers will usually entail finding, reporting, avoiding, predicting and fixing work problems related to safety; formulation and presentation of safety measures to construction managers; coordination with building supervisors, engineers and architects regarding safety measures; inspection of workplaces to ensure a risk-free environment for workers; inspection of materials, equipment, tools, and other work peripherals to ensure that they are safe to use; and assist in the education of workers and staff about safety measures.


Certified safety officers are integral to the operations of any construction company, and the law assures that. As the industry continues to grow, so does the demand for safety professionals. COSH training is your final step to joining this lucrative industry.

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